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Meet Jacqueline Griffin

Jacqueline Griffin

Jacqueline (Jackie) Griffin is a Rochester City School District graduate and will be graduating with her Master's degree in Public Administration this Fall. She and her partner, Larry Copeland, an established entrepreneur and businessman in Rochester, are the proud parents of two young men receiving education within the City of Rochester. Any reoccurring theme's here? Jackie is for The City of Rochester. Her entire existence focuses on providing children with the best opportunities.

Like many of us, Jacqueline is a mother who must contemplate how to keep sacred the lives of her sons and all the other young men and women in our communities, more often than she would like to admit. Raising young black children in America today is certainly not for the faint of heart. She is in this with all the other mothers that know we need a change for the better, who cringes at the word of another school shooting or incidents of police brutality in our communities. She is seeking school safety for all children by working with the police department, educators, and parents to keep children safe in school and at home.

Jacqueline's goal is to promote a fair chance for all marginalized individuals, ethnicities, genders, and community members. She seeks to be the voice for children who have not found theirs yet, providing them with the necessary tools to make it through each day. Implementing programs where children have a voice and the adults in their lives can listen, bridge the divide, and provide hope for tomorrow. Jacqueline advocates for children, doing all she can to protect them, especially when their assigned adults are not at their best.

Furthermore, Jacqueline aims to inspire young fathers and mothers to be the best versions of themselves. She seeks to nurture relationships and invest in programs that promote parenting skills, career advancement, and health education from home to school. Garner relationships, which can provide resources to begin the healing journey and pass that healing down to their children. She will spearhead implementation of creative programs that address mental illness starting in the home.

Jacqueline wants every child in Rochester, New York, to know that she will fight for them and give them the wings to fly like a butterfly toward success.